Message from President

With our business goal of “aiming for the harmony between people and environment and contributing to the future with our excellent water treatment technologies”, we have 60 years of experience in Japan, helping our customers resolve a range of problems associated with water treatment in all kinds of production plants including those for foodstuffs, automobilesand semiconductors as well as department stores, hotels, hospitals, and office buildings.

We are also highly evaluated and trusted as a pioneer in countermeasures against Legionella in environmental water.

Now, with our wish to provide our water treatment technologies and painstaking and faithful services to the Kingdom of Thailand as it experiences such remarkable economic growth, we have established a subsidiary here as a part of our overseas business. We hope to promote the development of the Kingdom and resolve our customers’ problems by taking fulladvantage of our culture of “honesty, faithfulness, consideration”, in which we take great pride. We look forward to your continued business in the future.

Purpose of Company Foundation

Aiming to apply our excellent water treatment technologies, which contribute to human society, to achieve the harmony between people and the environment now and in the future.

At our customers’ request, AQUAS will apply our proprietary and advanced products, water treatment technologies and services to provide water with a range of properties. And at the same time, we will produce our treated water in line with the concept of zero environmental destruction, while taking good care of the earth’s water resources. At AQUAS, we will contribute to society by applying our water treatment technologies to realize the harmony between people and the environment now and in the future.

Management Philosophy

Achieving sustainable development and sharing the joyous bounty with everyone involved.

AQUAS Domain

Taking advantage of our experience and expertise in water treatment, we pursue further possibilities.